Who want’s FREE Tickets to the T.O. Roast this Thurs?

Who want’s FREE Tickets to the T.O. Roast this Thurs?

Rob Wright

February 17th, 2014


I’m not sure about you but I have a love hate relationship with Terrell Owens. I love him because he’s probably the biggest reason the eagles made it to the Super Bowl in 2004 (see Donovan McNabb puking on the sidelines.) I hate him because he quickly imploded there after, we all remember T.O. lifting weights in the driveway, cocky prick.

This Thursday Feb 20th is the first ever “Philly Sports Roast” and I feel like T.O.’s 77 receptions and 14 touchdowns are not going to be very relevant. Hopefully someone can point out that he also tore apart the Dallas Cowboys locker room after leaving the Eagles, I’m looking at you Conklin.

If you’re as excited as I am to see T.O. throw another hissy fit as he folds under the pressure make sure that you grab your tickets NOW by Clicking Here. Use the code “One Up” for $20 OFF your ticket price.

More information about the event here.

We’re also giving away a pair of tickets!

Comment below with why you LOVE or HATE T.O. The comment that makes me roll out of my chair laughing gets them. I’ll pick the winner Wednesday afternoon.

See you there,

– Rob


  1. SarahDonaldson says:

    Pick me for the tickets!!! First of all, because today is my birthday! Secondly, because I used to live in L.A. and worked for the Production Company that produced the T.O. Show but I left the company before I had to work on it because I was so against having any parts of that show! He’s a riot though! Also, I’m a huge Eagles fan, worked for them this past season, and the only jersey I ever bought was in Jacksonville, a T.O. jersey, because he was 81 and that’s the year I was born. 🙂

  2. juanita says:

    I love TO’s cockiness! And yes I am a philly fan allday!! He definitely took us to the super bowl in 04, though we didn’t win! Ugh! But anyway I love a cooky athlete who can back it up! The one thing I Hate! Is that he is a big freaking Cry baby!!! Man up my dude!!! Sheesh! I don’t know who gets killed on IG worse, him or Bosh!

  3. Ryan Galloway says:

    TO is the perfect example of a love hate relationship.. Working out in his front yard while holding out during Training camp. Being a beast on the field and in Philly, most notably in the Super Bowl, almost single handily beating the Patriots on one leg. Any one that says ” I love me some me” and crys to the Media about Tony Romo “Thats my quarterback” certainly has a few screws loose!

  4. Aleesha Mays says:

    I LOVE Snickers and that’s what T.O. reminds me of sooo I LOVE me some T.O.!!Plus he is a little nutty and who doesn’t like anything with NUTS??!?!

  5. Megan says:

    I LOVE T.O because he straight up destroyed Ray Lewis with that weirdo squirrel dance he did after dismantling the Raven’s defense and blasting through the end zone to win the game. I couldn’t think of anyone else at the time who needed to be completely owned the way Ray Lewis did. That moment ultimately would be the deciding factor in my LOVE for T.O. That took balls. Also because he played in the Superbowl with a broken leg. Who does that?! He is basically a super human. Anyone who can embarrass Ray Lewis and lead our team to the Superbowl gets LOVE in my book. BAD ASS.

  6. Robert Wright says:

    Thanks for the call Megan but the Tickets are going to Sarah Donaldson. I’m interested to know further why you didn’t want any parts of the best TV show ever produced…

  7. Robert Wright says:

    You won the tickets. Hit me up at Rob@smalltalkmedia.com and I’ll let you know how to get them.

  8. SarahDonaldson says:

    WOO HOO! I just sat down to check in on this and thanks so much! Yes, I worked for 51 Minds Productions in L.A. for a little while which did a bunch of cooky shows but when I heard that I was going to have to work on “The T.O. Show,” I just couldn’t bear it. The fact that they were giving him a show was so absurd to me and between him and my crazy boss, I just decided to leave the company instead.

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