Red Bull Sound Select Azealia Banks [video]

Red Bull Sound Select Azealia Banks [video]

Rob Wright

August 4th, 2013


Mike Taylor, Khari Mateen and global sensation Azealia Banks were on the bill for the first Red Bull Sound Select in Philadelphia at Voyeur Nightclub on July 26th, 2013. Khari Mateen and Mike Taylor killed it with the help of Red Bull Thre3style winner DJ Phish. They got the crowd going crazy for Azealia Banks who was amazing for the whole 15 minutes she was on stage. I’m not sure what gives an artist the nerve to disrespect her fans like that but I can tell you that a LOT of people in that crowd were very disappointed with her short performance and overall attitude. Eventhough Azealia rubbed me the wrong way I’m actually still very excited for the next Sound Select and I have some secret info about who’s going to be performing. I’ll be sure to let everyone know as soon as I can via @oneupevents twitter.

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