How to Choose from All the Great Holiday Parties

How to Choose from All the Great Holiday Parties

Rob Wright

September 27th, 2017


Philadelphia is known for its nightlife, and Halloween is one of the best times to experience it. From the Northern Liberties Zombie Crawl to the Monster March in Historic Old City, Halloween offers costumes, haunted tours and plenty of spirits. New parties seem to be added every day, but tickets sell out fast. With so many great choices, how do you choose which event to attend?

Try Something New

If you go to the same place you go every Friday night, the only thing that will be different is at least three people will be dressed up like Wonder Woman and one of them will have had even more to drink than usual. Maybe you’ve been invited to a home party with games and handmade treats, but do you really want to eat dirt pudding and bob for apples in the same tub as the fifteen people who went before you? Step outside your comfort zone and try something you’ve never done before.

See What’s Available in Your Area

Halloween celebrations take place in a variety of venues. Check out online listings for your area to see what appeals to you. Are you looking for street fairs, parades and hayrides? Is a carnival style party more your pace with trendy clubs, bars and live performances?

Check on Music, Drinks and Cover Charges

Some events allow you to try out several of the top locations without paying a cover. They often feature live bands and may offer drink specials or other perks like free makeup or professional photographers.

Do you want to stay in one location for an event, or do you want to mix it up with a party that moves between bars? Would you rather attend a zombie festival with artistic vendors, dancers, burlesque and fire performers or select from restaurants and costume contests in America’s most historic square mile? Are you looking for spooks and scares or an elaborate masquerade? Often the best idea is to choose a party that gives you access to multiple locations. If you don’t like the vibe or the band at one place, you’re sure to find something better at the next.

Take Advantage of Early Sales and Group Discounts

It’s always more fun to go with a group. Shop online for specials, since you can usually save when you buy more than one ticket at a time. Find out what each offer includes, since tickets often get you drink specials at specific bars and entry into after party events. When you find the party you’re looking for, don’t wait to reserve your space.



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