Are Slutty Costumes Still a Thing?

Are Slutty Costumes Still a Thing?

Rob Wright

September 27th, 2017


Google any type of costume for women and scroll through the results. Whether you searched for a pumpkin, a witch, a cat or a banana, the images were probably sexy. Costume choices for women all seem to feature short skirts, low necklines, fishnet stockings and rips in revealing places. A writer for The Arizona Republic claims women are interested in more demure costumes that aren’t “too slutty,” but that’s not what buying trends show. While men choose costumes with blood and gore, women spend $2.87 million annually to look more alluring than they do in their everyday lives.

Why Are There So Many Sexy Costumes?

Halloween gives everyone a pass. You can dress up like an axe murderer without anyone thinking you would even consider harming another individual. You can choose to look like a vampire, a truck driver or a Care Bear; what matters is that you show originality.

Most women would never show as much skin in their regular lives as they do on Halloween, but the judgment-free attitude associated with the holiday encourages them to try looks they would otherwise be uncomfortable with. What would be slutty on a regular Friday night, and unthinkable Monday morning, is sexy on Halloween.

Market Research

A Google Trends analysis shows searches for sexy Halloween costumes spiked in 2006 and again in 2009. Since then it’s been gradually diminishing. Last year it was searched for half as many times as it was at its peak in 2009. That could indicate a shift away from looking for sexy attire, or it could mean most costumes for women already are sexy, so it no longer requires a search.

Sexy is Normal

It looks online like there’s no such thing as a cat costume for women that isn’t sexy. They’re all that way. Sexy is the norm. They aren’t called sexy cat costumes for women, they’re just costumes for women.

What if a woman decides to dress up as a librarian or a chemist so people see her character as one with brains, not just breasts? The most popular chemist costumes have a form-fitting lab coat that shows plenty of leg, thigh-high stockings and smart-sexy wire frames. The librarian costume follows similar lines. Everything is sexy on Halloween..

What’s a Woman to Do?

This Halloween, don’t try to decipher trends to decide what to wear. Go with what you’re comfortable with. If you feel like sexy taco sauce, make it happen. If you don’t want to wear something revealing, don’t feel pressured in that direction.

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