A List of what to Expect for the Eagles Parade from a Parade Veteran

A List of what to Expect for the Eagles Parade from a Parade Veteran

Rob Wright

February 7th, 2018


Ok, maybe not a parade veteran but I did attend the Phillies parade and have lived in the city for 10+ years. The Phillies parade was easily one of the most memorable moments of my 34 years on this earth. Brown bag beer in hand, standing a few feet away from Chase and Cole cheering with a young girl perched atop her dad’s shoulders. This is gonna be different…

Moderately controlled chaos is how I’d explain the city after the Super Bowl. One car flipped, wawa food fight, street fire, Ritz Carlton crowd diving and of course eating horse poop were the headlines to hit the web on Monday morning.

For the parade you should expect none of the above and here’s a few reasons why:

  • God I wish I didn’t have to say this but Terrorism. With the state of “things” the way they are in the world you better bet that 3 million people in one place at one time will not be taken lightly by our local, state and federal governments. I suspect there will be an all hands on deck approach to the parade. Bags will be checked, early drunks will be turned away and suspicious persons will be questioned. Try to keep yourself under control until after the last bus passes you by.
  • A kid friendly atmosphere. This isn’t midnight after the game, this is 11am on a weekday. There will be a lot of parents who bring their children out for the parade to make life long memories. The long hand of the law is going to make sure that a few unruly vagrants don’t ruin that for them.
  • Absolute JOY!¬†There will be a lot of high fiving, smiling, laughing and grown men crying. Those people that wanted to tear down light poles at night will want to hug a baby during the day.

Here’s a few tips and tricks that will make the parade a memorable experience for you!

  • If you have to drive into the city tomorrow I suggest coming early and parking at one of the MFL or BSL stops that’s open. That way you won’t have to fight as much traffic and will be guaranteed a ride to the parade. Here’s the map of locations¬†
  • Not sure where to stand for the parade? If you want to best view head to South Philly and stand near the stadiums. It starts and Broad and Pattison. If you want to be in the middle of the party head to broad and walnut. If you want to see grown men cry go to the art museum for the speeches.
  • Don’t plan to drink on the street. A lot of the parade route will be fenced off and they’ll be checking bags. It ain’t like it used to be.
  • DO stop into some of the bars on the parade route and get a FREE Bud light on Lane Johnson and Bud Light. Some of the bars include: Blue Duck, Maces Crossing, Dolphin and a few more
  • The real party is going to be before and after the parade. Most bars are opening up at 6am and you better bet that everybody is going to pile into the bars after the parade goes by. Plan for a fun day with a lot of happy people!

This is going to be a momentous occasion for everyone who attends and I can’t wait!

– Rob Wright


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