6 Biggest Halloween Parties in the World

6 Biggest Halloween Parties in the World

Rob Wright

October 2nd, 2018


Halloween is great fun if you have many people to celebrate it with. That’s why most people attend or host parties for the occasion. If you’ve already planned your outfit and have nailed the makeup game, you might consider showing up at one of the parties mentioned below. These crazy, extravagant parties draw people from all over the world and are some of the most memorable a person might attend in their lifetime.


  1. WeHo’s Halloween Carnival – West Hollywood, California


With more than 500,000 attendees and a host of different events, the WeHo’s Halloween Carnival is the biggest event of its kind. It gets bigger and crazier every year as the organizers strive to surpass the glory of their previous party. The festivities start at the Santa Monica Boulevard but it progresses to different locations as people explore different activities and entertainment during the event.


  1. Fetish Fantasy Ball – Las Vegas, Nevada


You can’t have a list of epic Halloween parties without mentioning Sin City. The Fetish Fantasy Ball is one of the most popular Halloween events in the city and draws more than 7,500 people every year. The party is hosted by Hard Rock Café and the Casino. This is the perfect time to let the inner wildcat out to explore. The event is full of glamour, style, kink, and costumes so people who love Halloween feel right at home here. This is an adult-only event and has been around for more than 20 years.  


  1. BangOn! Warehouse of Horrors – New York City, New York


BangOn! is known for their parties but the Warehouse of Horrors is one of their most successful events. It draws thousands of people and has a great aura of mystery around it. The location of the event is only declared on the day of the event, which creates a suspense-filled atmosphere even before the party starts. The party showcases the talents of great aerialists and performers that move through the crowd. The décor has a haunted-house feel but the atmosphere is similar to rave parties so attendees get the best of both worlds. Great live performances and excellent vibe make this one of the best Halloween parties in the world.


  1. Salem Witches’ Ball – Salem, Massachusetts


Salem gives you a Halloween fest with substance and history. The town has an intimate connection with the supernatural and that draws horror enthusiasts from all over to the world to the location. Halloween parties here have a more authentic vibe and are celebrated with aplomb. You can attend the Salem Witch’s Ball, Haunted Happenings Carnival, walk through a graveyard, and watch re-enactments of the hanging judge at the House of Seven Gables. The area is full of small and big parties during the Halloween season.

  1. Regression Sessions Halloween Special – London, England


You need to be in a great costume to attend this party and tickets to it sell out nearly two weeks in advance so this event requires a bit of planning. But if you have the tickets and a great costume plan, the party doesn’t disappoint. There are games, themed rooms, performances, and photo ops along with excellent music to keep you engaged at all times.


  1. Halloween Festival – Limoges, France


France is relatively new to celebrating Halloween, but the country knows how to party. The city of Limoges throws a large parade that draws nearly 30,000 people dressed in wild costumes every year. Every pub, restaurant, and café has its own little party so visitors have no lack of options.


You can easily find a great party to attend near your location. Every city and region has their own type of Halloween celebration so the choices are endless.


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