New Years Eve

10 Important Pro Tips for NYE

10 Important Pro Tips for NYE

Rob Wright

December 31st, 2017


Whether you’re venturing out to a One Up NYE Event or going to one of the other great parties Philadelphia has to offer we have a few quick tips for all of you NYE newbies.

  • You don’t need to pre-game. Have a few people over and have a glass of wine or a beer but don’t go too hard before you go out or you’ll never make it through the night. More than likely you’ll be at a place that has an Open Bar, you’ll get your money’s worth once you get there.
  • Make sure you eat. Even if the place you’re going has food as part of the open bar don’t count on that as dinner. If you want to make it until 2am make sure you eat something substantial before 8pm.
  • Come Early and Have your tickets ready, this is a big one. Don’t be surprised when you get to your event and there’s 100 people waiting in line to get in. Think about how many people need to have their tickets scanned and ids checked. If the open bar starts at 9pm you need to be there and setup with your spot at the bar no later than 8:30pm. Once the open bar starts you’ll be setup, have a nice repore with your bartender and actually be able to have a conversation with your friends before the rush!
  • Tip your Bartenders. Find one bartender that you vibe with early in the night and hit them with a $10 or $20 bill depending on how packed you expect your party to be. There’s a code among bartenders, when you hand them a $20 bill before they’ve made a dollar for the night they won’t forget you. You’ll be 3 deep at the bar at 11:45 and the bartender will be handing drinks over the crowd to you.
  • The Midnight Kiss. Guys, if you’re with a girl or just met a new girl all they’re thinking about is the midnight kiss. I don’t care if you’re a 5 and shes a 12.. when the clock strikes midnight you’re in! And if it’s your girlfriend.. you better not be in line at the bar or puking in the bathroom at midnight or you’re gonna pay for it.
  • Transportation. This is one of the things that most people completely neglect. Just because an Uber is 2 minutes away and only costs $8 dollars on Tuesday afternoon don’t think you’ll get the same on NYE. Your $8 ride at 2am on NYE could very well be $100.. You have two options here, if it’s possible for you to wait :30 minutes to an hour Ubers will become much more available as the rush subsides. Find a hotel lobby, McDonalds anything open late and just chill for awhile. Also make sure you’re signed up for Uber AND Lyft. Just because one is $100 doesn’t mean they both are. Play them back and forth until you find something available.
  • Coat Check. This is something else that can get very backed up with people. Around 1am wander over to the coat check and grab your jacket. This will not only save you time but guarantees that you’ll get your own coat back. Also, make sure you put the coat check ticket in your wallet of another very safe place on your person. You lose your ticket and you’re screwed.
  • I forgot to buy a Ticket and now everythings sold out. No it’s not! The little neighborhood bars like The Green Room┬átypically don’t have cover and have a cash bar with normal prices. They all have the ball drop on TV, they all pop a few bottles at midnight and in some situations end up being a super memorable NYE!
  • After Hours parties. If you want to keep the party going in Philadelphia you’ve got options! Our after hours party at VYCE will serve booze until 3am. Other places like Gardendale Social, Zee Bar and Recess will do the same. I suggest getting there before 1:30 though, if you get there at 2:15 you might stand outside in the cold until 3am.
  • House party. Don’t do it. Once you hit 40 your entire life will be a house party, go out, have fun, meet new people!

We’re planning some great bar crawls and other events in the new year, be on the lookout!

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